Orion MIS (Orion Management Information System)

Orion, The Great Maritime Highway

Being fully informed about the classification status of your ships can help you to maintain regulatory compliance and manage your operational risks effectively.

OMCS CLASS provides real time on-line access to the latest classification details for your vessels and a wide range of invaluable supporting information via ORION, our proprietary database system. Linked with our surveyors in the field, ORION lets you know your vessel’s status from a convenient, secure interface – available whenever you need it. ORION keeps you in compliance by automatically notifying you when an expiration date is approaching.

Orion Database

ORION is a secure information service for owners, managers and field surveyors of OMCS CLASS certified ships, providing access to a wealth of data about ships in your fleet.

It allows enhanced planning of classification and statutory surveys, helping ensure improved management of safety and environmental compliance through fewer interruptions to the business process. Information management through ORION is more efficient and gives you the opportunity to share vital data with other interested parties and surveys can be requested online.

Through ORION you can have immediate electronic access to the historical information on your ships removing the need to maintain local copies of survey reports and helping you comply with ISO quality and ISM requirements