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OMCS CLASS provides a wide range of advisory and consulting services within commercial, operational, and technical management for the maritime industry.

We have partnered with some of the most respected organizations in the maritime industry in order to offer you a full range of advisory and consultancy services. We leverage our global network of surveyors and highly experienced management team to provide you with the service you need, not the overheads you do not.

Our consultancy services offer practical solutions that help you understand the risks to your business and improve performance above and beyond basic compliance. When you work with us, you benefit from some of the world’s finest marine experience and an organization dedicated to delivering the best customer service.

Shipping is inherently a business with many variables and risks that need to be considered and managed.

To achieve successful management, strategic, transactional and operational issues must be mastered in an integrated way. Whether you are considering purchasing a vessel, weighing options for ship registration or other legal services, or want to be proactive in managing risks, we have the technical experts and proven industry relationships to make it happen.

Our advisory and consulting capabilities provide the following services:

OMCS CLASS specializes in risk management consulting. We help you assess, identify, and mitigate operational risks. Our Quality Management System and proactive approach to problem solving give you the assurance of knowing that you are operating with the best available information.

Risk management is a key component in most of the work OMCS CLASS does for our customers. The purpose of risk management is not to eliminate risk, but to understand it so that you can take advantage of the upside and minimize the downside.

We offer total lifecycle risk management to our clients. From the time you consider purchasing a vessel, to the end of the vessel’s useful operational utility, we provide a range of surveys, consultations and verifications to help you make the best decisions.

When you need to ensure compliance, OMCS CLASS has an extensive network of contacts, plus knowledge on the ever-changing industry to provide its clients with a full team of maritime experts, without the need to maintain them in-house.

Navigating the international maritime regulatory environment can be a daunting task. Fortunately, OMCS CLASS has established a strategic relationship with one of Panama’s most trusted law firms, Bierman Pautt & Associates. Through this relationship, OMCS CLASS provides you with advisory services that will assist you in purchasing, registering, and managing your vessel in the jurisdiction that best suits your needs. We specialize in:

  • Vessel Registration.
  • Mortgage Registration.
  • Offshore Companies Incorporation.
  • Seafarer STCW 95 License Endorsements for different Flag Administrations.
  • Payment of Registration Annual Taxes.
  • Bunker Convention Certificate.
  • Civil Liability Certificate (CLC Convention)
  • Changes on Continuous Synopsis Records (CSR)
  • Minimum Safe Manning Certificates.
  • Process of ISSC Full Term Certificates
  • Process of ITC 69 Full Term certificates

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