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Classification is a comprehensive verification service providing assurance that a set of requirements laid down in rules and standards established by the classification society are met during design and construction, and maintained during operation. The rules and standards are aimed at ensuring safety against hazards to the ship, personnel, and against hazards to the environment.

As a Classification Society, OMCS CLASS offers a range of services to vessels and marine structures of all types. Our goal is to safeguard the preservation of life, property and the marine environment while ensuring that vessel operators have the flexibility to maximize their resources.

In accordance with international rules and regulations, OMCS CLASS has established technical requirements regarding the design, construction, and survey of ships. A Certificate of Classification documents that the inspected vessel complies with the technical requirements specified in OMCS CLASS Rules.

OMCS CLASS conducts the necessary surveys according to the client needs and the applicable rules, issues the appropriate Certificate of Classification, and enters the ship into the Register of Ships. OMCS CLASS then ensures that a vessel is in compliance with international and local regulatory requirements through periodic surveys.

OMCS CLASS bases its rules on international standards, IACS unified requirements and interpretation that are proven to assist you in managing marine risk. Our rules and procedures, streamlined and simplified through years of research, reflect our proactive, forward-looking approach to risk management.

We have a global network of exclusive surveyors strategically located at all major ports and ready to provide you responsive service on a moment’s notice.

Our global reach is supported by Home Office engineers and experts who review and verify field surveys as a matter of quality assurance. To provide you with a personal level of customer service, faster response time and greater reliability, we maintain two main regional offices in the middle and far east regions headed up by senior managers capable of resolving issues on the spot.

Whether you are seeking initial classification with OMCS CLASS, or wish to transfer class from another society, we have the experience and dedicated personnel to guide you through the process.


When you work with us, you benefit from some of the world’s finest marine experts and an organization dedicated to delivering the best customer service during the entire life span of your vessel, regardless of type. Ship owners and managers enjoy simplified class entry procedures and reasonable cost structures when applying to OMCS CLASS for existing vessels or for transfer of class.

OMCS CLASS – E Certificates online database 

Our high standards of service ensure that all of our registered vessels comply with applicable requirements and regulations. We work in co- operation with the Flag Administrations and Port State Controls with the underlying objective of maintaining safer ships and cleaner seas.

  • Annual, Intermediate and Special or Continuous surveys of Hull and Machinery.
  • Dry-Docking Surveys.
    • Shaft Surveys
    • Bottom Surveys
  • Boiler & Pressure Vessel Surveys
  • Refrigeration Installation Surveys
  • Electrical Equipment Surveys
  • Cargo Gear/Lifting Appliances
  • Pleasure Craft / Yachts
  • Exceptional Surveys due to damage, Port State Control interventions, implementation of new Regulations, Conversions or Repairs, and other isolated events.

Ship owners and managers, having their vessels classed with OMCS CLASS, enjoy:

  • Maintenance of high standards of quality and reliability for vessels of all types.
  • A global network of exclusive surveyors strategically located at all major ports and personal support from our regional offices.
  • Assurance that their vessels are operating under current and latest rules and regulations.
  • Online access to OMCS CLASS Rules, which are continuously updated to comply with the latest requirements of the International Maritime Organization, the Individual Administrations and the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).
  • Secure access to Orion, our proprietary database system that provides you with real-time details regarding your vessel’s classification status.

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