Assessment & Verification

OMCS CLASS provides technologically-advanced, reliable services for industrial verification and certification of products, services and engineering construction and the assessment of business processes and products against internationally recognized standards.

Verification provides the required assurance towards stakeholders and regulatory authorities that projects are implemented right the first time. Our independent and competent appraisals of your field developments ensure that they are designed, constructed and installed in accordance with project objectives.

Through our Audit, Inspection, and Verification program, OMCS CLASS conducts critical reviews of equipment, machinery, and programs for compliance with internationally-recognized standards. OMCS CLASS will supervise the work and conduct all necessary tests required by applicable rules.

Our independent and competent appraisals of your field developments ensure that they are designed, constructed and installed in accordance with project objectives and provide the required independent assurance towards end-users that these arrive at site, designed, manufactured or built to specifications and are in compliance with regulatory requirements where relevant.

Upon satisfactory review, OMCS CLASS will issue the relevant fitness certificate. You also receive a detailed report highlighting any deficiencies, recommending a corrective action plan, and proposing a proactive plan to avoid future problems.

The Services You Need

We tailor our assessment and verification services to fit your needs.  Closely cooperating with you, we develop a scope of verification that is appropriate to your demands, eliminating all unnecessary tasks. The scope of work may consist of the following.

  • Review and evaluation of plans and documents.
  • Review manufacturer’s design data.
  • Verify compliance with established codes and specifications.
  • Supervise machinery testing.
  • Inspection and testing of components or finished products.
  • Sampling and Lab Testing.
  • Quality Management System Audits.
  • Maritime Labour Convention (MLC)

Plan, Booklet and Manual Approvals.

A key aspect of regulatory compliance is documentation. OMCS CLASS will review and assess existing ships documents for conformity with international and national regulations. As a value-added service, OMCS CLASS will guide you on the preparation of mandatory ship documents in accordance with international rules, established codes and procedures.

Some of the Manuals, Plans and Booklets we service are:

  • Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP).
  • Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP).
  • Ship Security Plan (SSP).
  • Ship to Ship Operations (STS).
  • Safety Management Systems (SMS).
  • SOLAS training Manual.
  • Trim and Stability Booklet.
  • Damage Stability. 
  • Cargo Securing Manual (CSM).
  • Garbage Manual (GMP).
  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP).
  • Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan (SMPEP).
  • Procedures & Arrangements Manual.
  • COW Manual.
  • ODMCS Manual.

Independent Verification

An Industry-leading Quality Management System and our strong and fundamental belief in a code of ethics, makes us an ideal provider of impartial and independent third party verification of products, services, suppliers, and vendors. We base our reviews on established standards, including:

  • National / international standards.
  • Code of best practices.
  • Mandatory regulations.
  • Industry guidelines.
  • Contract specifications.

Following are just a few examples of industrial services provided by OMCS CLASS:

  • Inspection of industrial diesel engines, generators, pumps, etc.
  • Inspection of Boilers and pressure vessels.
  • Site inspection for construction projects.
  • Pre-shipping inspections.
  • Approval of welding electrodes.
  • Qualification of welders and welding procedures.
  • Weigh boards.
  • Pipelines.

Benefits of Assessment & Verification Services

  • Cost Effective.
  • Technical Support.
  • Worldwide Network of Technical Resources.
  • Risk-based Verification Approach.
  • Detect problems before they occur.
  • Fewer operational delays.
  • More effective than continuous monitoring.
  • Determines best practices and benchmarks for excellence.
  • Demonstrates commitment to preservation of life, property, and the marine environment.
  • Increased operational efficiency.
  • A focus approach on risk management.

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